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Watch Episode 1 – April 5th

Watch Episode 1 – April 5th

Episode 1 – April 5th

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  • Episode 2 – April 6th

    Angel Gabriel visits Mary and gives her the message from God. Mary accepts the mission, knowing that her life and future are now entirely in God's hands. When seeing Joseph again, she wonders how he would react to the news? Would he still marry her?

  • Episode 3 – April 7th

    Authorities among the Jews betray their people. Rebels are caught and condemned. Mary tells her family and Joseph about God's message and the mission given to her. Satan works to separate Joseph and Mary.

  • Episode 4 – April 8th

    Mary visits Elizabeth, who is also expecting a miracle baby. They share their experiences and encourage each other. Sula gets married and leaves her parents' home. Joseph does not assume Mary and stays quiet about the situation until he receives an unexpected message.