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Watch Episode 10 – April 18th

Watch Episode 10 – April 18th

Episode 10 – April 18th

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  • Episode 11 – April 19th

    Joseph and Mary enjoy a happy life together after their children have grown up. John baptizes those who seek repentance and is confronted by Caiaphas. He announces that the Messiah will baptize with the Holy Spirit and with fire.

  • Episode 12 – April 20th

    John baptizes Jesus, the Holy Spirit empowers Him, and the Heavenly Father recognizes Him as His beloved Son. Pilate arrives in Jerusalem.

  • Episode 13 – April 21st

    The Holy Spirit takes Jesus to the wilderness for fasting and prayer. Herod Antipas and the local leaders receive Pilate and his family. Joseph prays for his family, and Mary worries about his cough, which seems to be getting worse.