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Watch Episode 4 – April 8th

Watch Episode 4 – April 8th

Episode 4 – April 8th

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  • Episode 5 – April 11th

    Family, friends, and neighbors come to witness the circumcision of the miracle baby John. Mary and Joseph reunite and get married. The young couple now has to face the malice and persecution of their community.

  • Episode 6 – April 12th

    Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem. On the way, they visit close friends in Bethany. The elder Simeon attempts to help Barabbas, but the hatred in the boy's heart grows more fierce.

  • Episode 7 – April 13th

    Jesus is born, and the angels celebrate. Angel Gabriel visits shepherds in Bethlehem to announce the good news. Three wise men from distant lands who have studied the prophecies journey to see the King, who will bring salvation and reunite humanity with God.