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Watch The Miraculous Catch of Fish – Jan. 24th (CC)

Watch The Miraculous Catch of Fish – Jan. 24th (CC)


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The Miraculous Catch of Fish – Jan. 24th (CC)

The Miracles of Jesus

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    After experiencing amazing miracles in his life and family and hearing the words of the Lord Jesus, Peter, along with James, John, and Andrew, decide to leave all they know behind to follow the Lord and become fishers of souls for the Kingdom of God.

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    Miriam only had her elderly father to rely on. She was young and had dreams of a future with Gabriel, who loved her and wanted to marry her. However, all her dreams are frustrated, and she suffers a series of injustices, suffering and abuse. Enduring so much pain, she gives up on God.

  • The Hunchback Woman 2 – Jan. 27th

    Miriam suffers from a back and spine problem, which causes her to become homeless. She turns to begging. In a surprising turn of events, she encounters someone very special in her life and encounters the Lord Jesus. Miriam does not believe that Jesus would notice someone like her, but she was sur...

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