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Watch Episode 159 – August 19th

Watch Episode 159 – August 19th


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Episode 159 – August 19th

The Promised Land (Full Episodes)

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  • Episode 160 – August 20th

  • Episode 161 – August 23rd

    Haniel and Gael surprise Tirzah. Leia speaks with Yana. Ursula decides to help Ula in convincing Adonizedek to cancel the wedding. Salmon and Othniel face great danger in Jerusalem.

  • Episode 162 – August 24th

    Ursula sets her plan in motion to separate Adonizedek from Ula. Othniel seeks information and ways to enter Jerusalem's palace. Mara becomes more corrupted as she searches for power and fortune. Tobias and Samara put in practice their most evil plan until now.