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Watch Episode 172 – September 8th

Watch Episode 172 – September 8th


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Episode 172 – September 8th

The Promised Land (Full Episodes)

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  • Episode 173 – September 9th

    Joshua learns that his wife is alive. Aharona pleads for Tobias to repent and return to God. The Gibeonites seek Joshua's help as they become a target for the alliance of Canaanite kings against Israel.

  • Episode 174 – September 10th

    Joshua seeks God's will, guidance and protection. Mara suffers from hunger and cold in the desert. Zareg offers to go to war and fight alongside the Hebrews. Salmon and Rahab remember all their struggles and victories. Soldiers are comforted and encouraged by their families as they prepare for ba...

  • Episode 175 – September 13th

    Kemuel suspects Tobias deserted. Mara looses control and threatens her capturers. Israel goes to battle against Jerusalem and its allied kingdoms. God encourages Joshua and the His people. Joshua has to decide between his divine mission and Aharona's life.