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Watch Episode 137 – July 20th

Watch Episode 137 – July 20th


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Up Next in The Promised Land (Full Episodes)

  • Episode 138 – July 21st

    Tobiah and Samara plan further acts of cruelty leaving Leia worried for them. The king of Gibeon and his entourage arrive in the Hebrew camp dressed in old and dirty clothing.

  • Episode 139 – July 22nd

    Gibeonites lie to Joshua, Orias warns Rahab of danger, Zacchaeus stands up to Tobiah, and Leia deeply regrets her past mistakes as a mother.

  • Episode 140 – July 23rd

    Leia worries for Samara and Tobiah but is unable to change their minds. King of Jerusalem finds out that King of Gibeon has not returned to his land. Milah cries out to God and encourages Orias to have faith.