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Watch Episode 139 – July 22nd

Watch Episode 139 – July 22nd


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Up Next in The Promised Land (Full Episodes)

  • Episode 140 – July 23rd

    Leia worries for Samara and Tobiah but is unable to change their minds. King of Jerusalem finds out that King of Gibeon has not returned to his land. Milah cries out to God and encourages Orias to have faith.

  • Episode 141 – July 26th

    King of Jerusalem investigates about Gibeon's plan. Leia tries to leave past behind and work on her marriage. Milah fights for her life and keeps her faith. Salmon and Rahab question Mara about the leper's attack.

  • Episode 142 – July 27th

    Rahab suffers while giving birth to Boaz. The aggressiveness of Bogotai's behavior raises Joshua's suspicion. Leia cries for Samara, who is determined to do evil.