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Watch Episode 146 – August 2nd

Watch Episode 146 – August 2nd


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Episode 146 – August 2nd

The Promised Land (Full Episodes)

Up Next in The Promised Land (Full Episodes)

  • Episode 147 – August 3rd

    Ula is forced to entertain the palace. Racal performs a spell on Mara. Caleb's family celebrates Iru and Jessica's engagement. Sama received a surprising miracle. Joshua announces to the camp Rahab's new mission. Othniel confesses his love to Achsah.

  • Episode 148 – August 4th

    Othniel asks Caleb for Achsah's hand in marriage. Jessica rejects Mara's words and asks Rahab for forgiveness. Abul and Mireu secretly invade the Hebrew Camp to kidnap Aharona.

  • Episode 149 – August 5th

    Mireu feels ashamed of kidnapping a woman from the Hebrew camp. Samara fails to convince Adonizedek of her identity. Zacchaeus does not believe in Tobias' memory loss.

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