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Watch Episode 152 – August 10th

Watch Episode 152 – August 10th


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Episode 152 – August 10th

The Promised Land (Full Episodes)

Up Next in The Promised Land (Full Episodes)

  • Episode 153 – August 11th

    Samara lies to her family and reunites to plot evil with Tobias. Bogotai insists on his revenge against Phineas. Ula confesses to Mireu before he leaves to the surroundings of Gilgal.

  • Episode 154 – August 12th

    Aharona receives a surprise attack. Machir defends Rune. Tirzah comforts her family.

  • Episode 155 – August 13th

    Zacchaeus becomes furious with Tobias behavior. Mara and Racal plot together another evil spell. Sama has a difficult pregnancy. Samara and Tobias conspire against Aharona.

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