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Watch Episode 155 – August 13th

Watch Episode 155 – August 13th


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Episode 155 – August 13th

The Promised Land (Full Episodes) • 46m

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  • Episode 156 – August 16th

    Leia threatens Samara and Tobias. Mara is initiated as a sorceress. General Abdul discovers Adonizedek's secret. Salmon and Othniel prepare for a new mission.

  • Episode 157 – August 17th

    Tobias and Samara plot against their own mother. Salmon and Othniel enter Jerusalem in disguise. Mara enters Rahab's tent to kidnap Boaz.

  • Episode 158 – August 18th

    Boaz is in great danger. Salmon and Othniel mingle in Jerusalem in search of information. Tobias and Samara plot against Kemuel and Leia.