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Watch Episode 163 – August 25th

Watch Episode 163 – August 25th


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Episode 163 – August 25th

The Promised Land (Full Episodes)

Up Next in The Promised Land (Full Episodes)

  • Episode 164 – August 26th

    Joshua puts his personal feelings aside to lead the children of Israel. Aharona fights to survive. Leia suspects her children. Tobias uses the law to threaten Zacchaeus' life.

  • Episode 165 – August 27th

    Caleb encourages Joshua and reminds him of his responsibilities as a leader. Tribe leaders unite for the trial that will decide Zacchaeus' future. Leia comforts Kemuel. Aharona struggles to survive.

  • Episode 166 - August 30th

    Salmon reunites with Rahab. Yona receives wonderful news from Darda. Some tribe leaders begin to murmur and complain. Samara's behavior becomes even more problematic. Adonizedek commands Mireu to a mission that could cost the soldier's life.