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Watch Episode 164 – August 26th

Watch Episode 164 – August 26th


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Episode 164 – August 26th

The Promised Land (Full Episodes)

Up Next in The Promised Land (Full Episodes)

  • Episode 165 – August 27th

    Caleb encourages Joshua and reminds him of his responsibilities as a leader. Tribe leaders unite for the trial that will decide Zacchaeus' future. Leia comforts Kemuel. Aharona struggles to survive.

  • Episode 166 - August 30th

    Salmon reunites with Rahab. Yona receives wonderful news from Darda. Some tribe leaders begin to murmur and complain. Samara's behavior becomes even more problematic. Adonizedek commands Mireu to a mission that could cost the soldier's life.

  • Episode 167 – September 1st

    Eloi and Yona share the news of their pregnancy. Joshua and the army of Israel begin daily intense training for the upcoming war. Mara feel tormented by an evil presence. Tobias continues with his plans to conquer Chaya. Mireu does not know what else to do to keep Aharona alive.