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Watch Episode 168 – September 2nd

Watch Episode 168 – September 2nd


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Episode 168 – September 2nd

The Promised Land (Full Episodes)

Up Next in The Promised Land (Full Episodes)

  • Episode 169 – September 3rd

    Ursula decides to avenge her mother and grandmother. Achsah suffers concerned for Othniel. Salmon finds evidence of Zacchaeus' innocence.

  • Episode 170 – September 6th

    Mara begins to spread false rumors and plans to attack and harm Eloi. Zacchaeus returns home. Adonizedek places Aharona back in the dungeon. Princess Ursula's betrayal is exposed.

  • Episode 171 – September 7th

    Mara confesses her wrongdoings but does not repent. Adonizedek imprisons Ursula. Tobias tries to destroy the evidence that he attempted to kill Aharona and receives an unexpected surprise.