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Watch Episode 169 – September 3rd

Watch Episode 169 – September 3rd


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Episode 169 – September 3rd

The Promised Land (Full Episodes)

Up Next in The Promised Land (Full Episodes)

  • Episode 170 – September 6th

    Mara begins to spread false rumors and plans to attack and harm Eloi. Zacchaeus returns home. Adonizedek places Aharona back in the dungeon. Princess Ursula's betrayal is exposed.

  • Episode 171 – September 7th

    Mara confesses her wrongdoings but does not repent. Adonizedek imprisons Ursula. Tobias tries to destroy the evidence that he attempted to kill Aharona and receives an unexpected surprise.

  • Episode 172 – September 8th

    Mara pressures Yona to release her, and Yona pleads for her mother to repent. Tobias holds the sword to slay Aharona. Ahihud regrets overlooking Mara's harmful behavior. Mireu, Ula and Lina prepare to leave Jerusalem.