Jesus (Full Episodes)

Jesus (Full Episodes)

Record TV’s fifth Bible-based series is an epic production that has inspired audiences around the world, which portrays the life and journey of Jesus and His disciples in a brand new light.

With a talented cast and crew, the series takes viewers back in time to experience the daily lives of Jews, Romans, and other peoples in ancient Judea and Samaria who interacted with the Savior in some way.

What was it like for Jesus as He grew up in Nazareth? What struggles did He face? What was His relationship with the Father like? What were the disciples like before and after they knew Him? What about Mary and Joseph? What challenges did they go through? And what was it like for the Early Church as well?

These questions and many more inspired the subplots that created this massive production. Biblical truths and teachings shine through the harsh reality of daily life in first-century Palestine, and they permeate every aspect of this series.

Prepare yourself to see Jesus and His teachings from a new, comprehensive perspective as you’ve never seen before.

Jesus (Full Episodes)
  • Episode 1 – April 5th

    The elder Simeon teaches the children how humanity separated itself from God through sin and the purpose of the sacrificial lamb. He holds on to the promise he received from God that he would see the Messiah. At the Temple, priests plot against their people. Jews suffer under Roman subjugation. M...

  • Episode 2 – April 6th

    Angel Gabriel visits Mary and gives her the message from God. Mary accepts the mission, knowing that her life and future are now entirely in God's hands. When seeing Joseph again, she wonders how he would react to the news? Would he still marry her?

  • Episode 3 – April 7th

    Authorities among the Jews betray their people. Rebels are caught and condemned. Mary tells her family and Joseph about God's message and the mission given to her. Satan works to separate Joseph and Mary.

  • Episode 4 – April 8th

    Mary visits Elizabeth, who is also expecting a miracle baby. They share their experiences and encourage each other. Sula gets married and leaves her parents' home. Joseph does not assume Mary and stays quiet about the situation until he receives an unexpected message.

  • Episode 5 – April 11th

    Family, friends, and neighbors come to witness the circumcision of the miracle baby John. Mary and Joseph reunite and get married. The young couple now has to face the malice and persecution of their community.

  • Episode 6 – April 12th

    Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem. On the way, they visit close friends in Bethany. The elder Simeon attempts to help Barabbas, but the hatred in the boy's heart grows more fierce.

  • Episode 7 – April 13th

    Jesus is born, and the angels celebrate. Angel Gabriel visits shepherds in Bethlehem to announce the good news. Three wise men from distant lands who have studied the prophecies journey to see the King, who will bring salvation and reunite humanity with God.

  • Episode 8 – April 14th

    Mary and Joseph visit the Temple in Jerusalem to present their purification offering, and the elder Simeon consecrates baby Jesus and prophesies about His mission. Also the widow Anna rejoices upon seeing the Messiah.

  • Episode 9 – April 15th

    The Three Wise Men worship the Messiah and offer their treasures to Him. Joseph receives a message from Angel Gabriel and flees with his family to Egypt as Herod sends soldiers to Bethlehem.

  • Episode 10 – April 18th

    Joseph receives a message from Angel Gabriel and returns with Mary and their children to Israel. After many years, John the Baptist prepares the way for the Messiah by teaching repentance from sins and encouraging his listeners to have a sincere relationship with God.

  • Episode 11 – April 19th

    Joseph and Mary enjoy a happy life together after their children have grown up. John baptizes those who seek repentance and is confronted by Caiaphas. He announces that the Messiah will baptize with the Holy Spirit and with fire.

  • Episode 12 – April 20th

    John baptizes Jesus, the Holy Spirit empowers Him, and the Heavenly Father recognizes Him as His beloved Son. Pilate arrives in Jerusalem.

  • Episode 13 – April 21st

    The Holy Spirit takes Jesus to the wilderness for fasting and prayer. Herod Antipas and the local leaders receive Pilate and his family. Joseph prays for his family, and Mary worries about his cough, which seems to be getting worse.

  • Episode 14 – April 22nd

    Joseph and Mary remember their journey together and their children. Jesus faces extreme hardships in the desert. Barabbas confronts Petronius and leads a protest against the emblems brought by Pilate into Jerusalem.

  • Episode 15 – April 25th

  • Episode 16 – April 26th

    Satan tempts Jesus in the desert. Joseph's health worsens, and his children argue about their eldest brother. Joanna feeds the rebels, and Pilate becomes furious.

  • Episode 17 – April 27th

    Satan continues to tempt Jesus, and the Lord resists His enemy using the Word of God. Asisa continues to persecute Mary and her family. Simon, Zebedee, and his sons face challenges as they are unable to find enough fish.

  • Episode 18 – April 28th

    Joseph and Mary's children come to say their final goodbyes to their father. They wrongfully judge Jesus. After overcoming temptation in the desert, Jesus returns to begin His journey.

  • Episode 19 – April 29th

  • Episode 20 – May 2nd

    Andrew and Philip leave John to follow Jesus. John continues baptizing and preparing the way for the Master. Miriam moves into Mary's house. Jesus, Andrew, and Philip travel through Samaria to get to Galilee.

  • Episode 21 – May 3rd

    Philip and Andrew learn a valuable lesson with Jesus when going through Samaria. Jesus arrives in Galilee, bringing much joy to Mary.

  • Episode 22 – May 4th

  • Episode 23 – May 5th

  • Episode 24 – May 6th

  • Episode 25 – May 9th

  • Episode 26 – May 10th

  • Episode 27 – May 11th

  • Episode 28 – May 12th

  • Episode 29 – May 13th

  • Episode 30 – May 16th

  • Episode 31 – May 17th

  • Episode 32 – May 18th

  • Episode 33 – May 19th