The Promised Land (Full Episodes)

The Promised Land (Full Episodes)

After Moses’ death, Joshua is the new leader of the Hebrews. He is an experienced warrior, gifted with courage, determination, and supernatural faith. But it is no easy task to lead the people to their new destination. With his closest and trusted allies, Joshua must fulfill the mission ordered by God: to command the 12 tribes of Israel in their conquest of Canaan, The Promised Land.

The first great confrontation of Israel will be against the fortified kingdom of Jericho. In sequence, Joshua and his allies will have to battle against the kingdoms of Ai, Gibeon, Jerusalem, and Hazor.

He will also live a thrilling love story with the beautiful Aharona, a courageous and determined young lady, skillful with a sword and capable of fighting alongside men soldiers when necessary.
The problem is Aharona’s sister, feisty Samara, who is also in love with Joshua. With her treacherous mother as an accomplice, Samara will do everything to separate the couple.

After overcoming their enemies, the Hebrews will reach the Promised Land, and Joshua will divide the lands of Canaan amongst the twelve tribes, fulfilling the will of the God of Israel.

The Promised Land is jam-packed with conflict, intrigue, romance, adventure, power struggle, betrayal, forbidden passion, and impossible love.

This Biblically inspired drama series of epic proportions will leave the public with a great message: Nothing is impossible for those who have true faith.

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The Promised Land (Full Episodes)