Genesis Special

Genesis Special

Watch this special documentary about the epic TV series Genesis, a finalist in the international Produ Awards, captivating people from several nations. Watch sneak peek scenes and learn a little about the steps that went into making this incredible masterpiece that has all it takes to last the course of time.

Genesis Special
  • Coming on GENESIS on March 15th

    Tonight on GENESIS, Israel and Joseph see and embrace each other again after many years apart. Israel meets and blesses the Pharaoh.

    Watch GENESIS, the Series, at 8 PM CDT / 9 PM EDT on ULFN.

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  • Coming on GENESIS on March 14th

    Israel and all his family move to Egypt under Joseph's care, who governs the entire land of Egypt.

    Watch GENESIS, the Series, at 8 PM CT / 9 PM ET on ULFN.

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  • Intro of Genesis, the Series

    Song Title: Começo de Tudo
    Composer: Wladimir Pinheiro
    Performer: Banda Universos
    Producer: Daniel Figueiredo
    Publisher: MJC Music

    Princípio do tempo.
    O livro primeiro.
    Início do mundo.
    A criação.

    Num molde de barro,
    o sopro da vida.
    Origem do homem.
    Origem da história.

    Que haja luz...

  • Interview With Actor Petrônio Gontijo

    On Behind the Scenes of Genesis, Nadine from The AM Show interviews actor Petrônio Gontijo de Alvarenga from Genesis. Petrônio speaks about his role-playing Jacob and how he identifies with the character. He retells his favorite scene filming and the work he put into playing his role. Stay tuned ...

  • Interview With Actor Augusto Garcia

    Nadine interviews Augusto Garcia, the actor who gives life to Dan, Joseph's brother, in the Genesis TV Series. Augusto has been acting professionally for over 20 years, and he shares the process of building and portraying his character and the different lifestyle and skills he and his costars had...

  • Interview With Actress Michelle Batista

    Nadine from The AM Show interviews actress Michelle Batista from GENESIS. Michelle started in theater, and later, she began acting on TV. She’s been acting for more than 15 years. Michelle interprets Leah, one of Jacob’s wives in the series GENESIS. Stay tuned and learn more about Michele and her...

  • Highlights to the GENESIS Red Carpet Premiere

    LFN hosts the Genesis Premiere Thursday, May 11, 2023, at The NY Times Building Theater. With over 500 guests present, including celebrities & authorities, not 1 seat was available. Many waited for 3 hours enthusiastically to watch the first episode of the super-production, Genesis! You can watch...

  • Interview With Actress Rafaela Sampaio

    Nadine from The AM Show interviews actress Rafaela Sampaio from GENESIS. Rafaela plays the role of Naamá, Noah’s wife. During the interview, Rafaela speaks about her experience playing the role of Noah’s wife and the lessons she learns.

  • A Word From the Writers of the Epic Drama GENESIS

    Hear from the writers of the Genesis TV Series and experience a little of the process that goes into preparing such a beautiful and inspiring masterpiece.

  • Behind the Scenes of Genesis

    Nadine visits one of the exterior sets of Genesis, speaks with cast members, and has a costume and makeup transformation into one of the Egyptian characters from this epic series

  • GENESIS on Times Square!

    GENESIS: The Series arrives in Times Square, NYC! LFN fans are in high spirits and hit the streets to share their excitement!

    Great anticipation for the premiere of this masterpiece that promises to captivate audiences in the USA and the Caribbean Islands.

    Watch the Red Carpet Event on May 11th...