• Jesus (Full Episodes)

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    Record TV’s fifth Bible-based series is an epic production that has inspired audiences around the world, which portrays the life and journey of Jesus and His disciples in a brand new light.

    With a talented cast and crew, the series takes viewers back in time to experience the daily lives of Jews...

  • The Miracles of Jesus

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    The Miracles of Jesus TV Series is a compilation of Biblically-inspired stories that focus on each person that received a miracle in the Gospels. The viewer takes a deeper look into the life stories of each person mentioned in the Bible that experienced a miracle from Jesus. Fictional plots are d...

  • The Promised Land (Full Episodes)

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    After Moses’ death, Joshua is the new leader of the Hebrews. He is an experienced warrior, gifted with courage, determination, and supernatural faith. But it is no easy task to lead the people to their new destination. With his closest and trusted allies, Joshua must fulfill the mission ordered b...

  • Moses and the Ten Commandments (Full Episodes)

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    The Ten Commandments is the first Brazilian drama series based on a Biblical story. Record’s TV epic production retells one of the most well-known passages of the Bible: Moses’ journey since his birth until reaching the Promised Land, his crossing the desert and encountering God on Mount Sinai.

  • The Love School (Full Episodes)

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    Learn how to invest and care for your relationships practically and intelligently with family and relationship experts and best-selling authors Renato and Cris Cardoso. The Love School is an acclaimed TV Program that has helped thousands of couples to solve various relationship issues.

  • Nothing to Lose

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    A movie based on the life story of Bishop Edir Macedo.