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Up Next in Moses and the Ten Commandments (Full Episodes)

  • Episode 7

    Nefertari confesses her love. Moses is torn between his friendship to Ramses and his feelings for Nefertari. Miriam confronts Apuki and receives punishment.

  • Episode 8

    Ramses confronts his father for Nefertari. Jochebed tends to Miriam's wounds, and Miriam draws closer to God, seeking Him. Moses tries to hold back his feelings for Nefertari in front of his royal family and his closest friend, Ramses. Zelophehad pays Miriam a visit and she tries to scare him away.

  • Episode 9

    Infuriated, Ramses attacks Moses because of Nefertari and is injured. King Seti orders Moses to be imprisoned until trial. Fearing Moses might be sentenced to death, Jochebed sneaks into the palace to see her son one more time.