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Women in Real Time
  • Women and Self Help

    Francisca, Angeli, and Happiness speak about pushing past the doubts and focusing on the end goal. Special Guest Yvonne Guidry shares the mission behind her business, Spoiled Latina. Spoiled Latina was created to empower and inspire women to care for themselves and not feel guilty for doing so!

  • Women and Public Etiquette

    From chewing out loud to not holding the door for someone, the Women in Real Time hosts share some of their pet peeves. Special guest Madisyn Thomas talks about her experience growing her company, Belle Haven, at a young age.

  • Women and Plus Size Fashions

    Francisca, Angeli, and Nancy interview stylist, entrepreneur, and CEO of IMarE Boutique Martha E Elmore, who shares valuable advice on how to dress for your body type.
    Martha is a wife, mother, and mentor. She also shares her inspiring journey and leaps of faith in overcoming obstacles from divo...

  • Celebrating World Earth Day

    Angeli, Nancy, and Francisca interview the owner of Green Home & Co., sustainable living advocate Samantha Hanson, who shares how we can help care for our planet from within our homes in simple everyday details.

  • Women's Health

    Angeli, Francisca, and Nancy discuss Women's Health with Board Certified Physician and Wellness Expert Dr. Eboni January, President Obama Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient.

  • Intellectual Disabilities

    Francisca, Nancy, and Angeli speak about the challenges people with intellectual disabilities face in society. Angeli and Nancy visit Howdy Homemade Ice Cream shop in Katy, Texas, for a special interview with owner Rodrick Batson and the heroes who work there.

  • No More Empty Wings

    Watch this special interview with entrepreneur Jarrod Rector, owner of Stuff'd Wings, home of the "No More Empty Wings."

  • Understanding the Current Housing Market

    Women in Real Time Show from March 30th, 2023. Did you ever want to buy a house but don't know where to start? In this show, Angeli, Nancy, and Francisca interview Bilingual Realtor Jennifer Treviño about the housing market and her career.

  • Self Development

    Nancy, Angeli, and Francisca discuss what it truly means to know thyself with special guest Singer-Songwriter / Saxophone Player AIKA, who recently released the song "Daddy' in tribute to her father, legendary saxophone player Makoto Hirahara.

  • What About Your Friends

    Women in Real Time Program of March 27th, 2023. Our Women in Real Time hosts interview Lillian Jackson, co-founder of Brown Skin Brunchin', who brings women of color together to create a beautiful bond called friendship.

  • Women and the Arts

    Women in Real Time Program of March 23rd, 2023. Angeli, Nancy, and Francisca interview Fine Artist Tere Schwartzbart, owner of the Galeria Bezalel. Born in El Salvador, Tere dreamed of becoming an artist since her childhood. A firm believer in God, she is certain it is her calling, which she purs...

  • Women and World Happiness

    Angeli, Francisca, and Nancy discuss what makes each other happy, the little details in everyday life that bring joy, whether in a peaceful environment or a noisy and lively one. They also ask the question: How do women promote peace?
    Hosts speak with special guest Tetyana Fiks, co-founder of the...

  • Women Who Change the World

    Angeli, Nancy, and Francisca interview special guest Ebonni Chrispin, the Legislative Affairs and Community Engagement Director of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

  • Women and Intimacy

    Women in Real Time Show from April 17th, 2023.
    Francisca, Nancy, and Angeli discuss different ways to build a deeper connection in your relationship. Kim and Francisca interview Doctor of Marriage and Family Therapy Viviana Coles.

  • The Art of Love Language

    Women in Real Time Show from March 16th, 2023. Nancy, Angeli, and Francisca discuss different love languages and interview Doctor in Marriage and Family Therapy, Viviana Coles, a relationships expert featured on the reality hit show "Married at First Sight."

  • Women and Humanity

    Women in Real Time Show from March 15th, 2023. Angeli, Francisca, and Nancy interview special guest PETA's (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) Director Ashley Byrne, who shares the organization's goals, projects and volunteers and a little about herself.

  • Shedding the Light on Healthcare

    Women in Real Time Program of March 14th, 2023. Join us for this special Interview with Dr. Brandy Williams, one of the youngest pharmacy owners in Houston, Texas, who shares her insight on healthcare-related topics.

  • Working Women Behind the Scene

    Women in Real Time Program of March 13th, 2023. Watch a special Interview with Rosemarie Sparacio, who is breaking barriers and redefining storytelling as a women filmmaker that brings new perspectives and diverse voices to the big screen.

  • Women and Entertainment

    Kim and Francisca interview actress, rapper, and TV host Jazz Anderson, who shares about her movie debut of "Girl in the Closet," co-starring alongside her mom Tami Roman, explains the ups and downs in the entertainment industry and how it wasn't easy for her just because her mom is well known.

  • Overuse of Social Media

  • International Women's Day

  • Happy Women's Day!

  • Take Control of Your Well-Being

    Women in Real Time Program of March 7th, 2023. Special interview with Sunni Jones about the importance of pausing and caring for our mental health and well-being. She shares her story, journey, and projects that have encouraged other women in her community.

  • When Is it Appropriate to Tip?

    Women in Real Time Program of March 6th, 2023.