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Watch Episode 15 – April 25th

Watch Episode 15 – April 25th

Episode 15 – April 25th

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  • Episode 16 – April 26th

    Satan tempts Jesus in the desert. Joseph's health worsens, and his children argue about their eldest brother. Joanna feeds the rebels, and Pilate becomes furious.

  • Episode 17 – April 27th

    Satan continues to tempt Jesus, and the Lord resists His enemy using the Word of God. Asisa continues to persecute Mary and her family. Simon, Zebedee, and his sons face challenges as they are unable to find enough fish.

  • Episode 18 – April 28th

    Joseph and Mary's children come to say their final goodbyes to their father. They wrongfully judge Jesus. After overcoming temptation in the desert, Jesus returns to begin His journey.