The AM Show

The AM Show

Mornings on LFN have just gotten better with this new addition. Say goodbye to dull mornings!
Grab a coffee, favorite tea, juice, or smoothie, and kickstart your day with this motivational and entertaining show. Make it your morning go-to for self-care, inspiration, and information in a fun way.
Watch it while you are getting ready, or listen to it on the go. The AM Show is your Monday morning therapy to get you through the workweek.
Judea Hartley and Nadine Della Pelle are your morning squad that will not disappoint in making your day.
Tune in on weekdays at 9 AM CT / 10 AM ET only on LFN.

The AM Show
  • Special Guest: CanDice Miller

    CanDice Miller is a United States Army veteran, a transformational speaker, and a multi-trauma survivor. Don't miss this interview to hear how she persevered even through the darkest of times.

  • Special Guest: Dr. Kim Yancey James

    Dr. Kim Yancey James, a social justice advocate, wears many hats. She shared her experience of writing her book "Breaking The Silence" with us, explaining why these stories are important to tell.

  • Special Guest: Paige DeAngelo

    Paige DeAngelo, a young entrepreneur, founded Aer Cosmetics to promote beauty products that support environmental sustainability. She is showcasing her eco-friendly mascara tablet, which embraces sustainability and promotes positive change for the planet.

  • Special Guest: Belinda Aigbe

    Check out our interview with Belinda Ojo-Aigbe for tips on achieving the perfect dewy look and transforming your skincare routine!

  • Special Guest: Cynthia Hill

    Florist extraordinaire Cynthia Hill joined us to discuss the best way to arrange your flowers this spring. Check out her demonstration of putting together a gorgeous display.

  • Special Guest: Christine Rivera

    Defense Attorney Christine Rivera is passionate about her work with the Bronx Defenders. She shares her journey and why she chose to become a lawyer.

  • Special Guests: Kathy & Vas From Prism Med Spa

    Kathy and Vas from Prism Med Spa joined us to share the latest in skincare and anti-aging techniques. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, they provided valuable insights into better health practices.

  • Special Guest: Demson Salmon

    Demson Salmon, a financial advisor, shares valuable insights on current market trends. Check out this interview for expert tips on saving, budgeting, and investing!

  • Special Guest: Rachel Silvia

    The owner of Prepared Meals LI, Rachel Silvia, joined us on The AM Show for a great conversation on the importance of eating a well-balanced diet and why you should avoid processed foods. She even brought in samples for us to try!

  • Special Guest: Daniel Law Jones

    CEO, Musician & Content Creator Daniel Law Jones sat with us on The AM Show to discuss his many talents. Check out his live performance of his new single "It's Never Too Much" at the end of the video!

  • Special Guest: Dr. Kelvin Rosario

    Special Guest Dr. Kelvin Rosario, a Physical Therapist, joined us to discuss the importance of caring for your body. He broke down tips on stretching and healing for various health issues.

  • Special Guest: Etcetera

    Brooklyn native and multitalented recording artist Etcetera, a multi-award winner, opened up about life in the music industry and all it entails before sending us off with a performance of his new song "Secret"!

  • Special Guest: Neda Zehra

    On The AM Show, Nadine interviewed Neda Zehra, a multi-talented fashion model and singer. During the show, Neda shared her experiences in the modeling industry and talked about her decision to start a business to help aspiring models. If you watch till the end of the show, you can enjoy a special...

  • Special Guest: Professional Chef Denae McMillian

    Special Guest Denae McMillian joins us to chat about what the life of a professional chef is like! Tune in to check out her delicious food creations!

  • Special Guest: Ez De La Rosa

    Join Nadine Della Pelle in this exciting and insightful conversation with creative mastermind Ez De La Rosa, whose experience, skills, and innovative abilities set him apart as a featured contributor in all facets of media. Ez De La Rosa is a professional photographer, creative director, owner of...

  • Guess That Chocolate

  • AM Facts

    The hosts of The AM Show have some mind-blowing facts to share with you. Do you know how tall the tallest man ever recorded was? How many times do we laugh in a day on average? Also, do you know which sport was the first to be filmed? And how much does the heart of a blue whale weigh? The hosts w...

  • Who Tweeted That?

    Now it's time for a fun game on this Fun Friday! Nadine and Judea will look at some old tweets and try to guess which celebrities may have tweeted them.

  • AM Game: Taboo

    Think fast, talk fast, and don't say a TABOO word! Shariff, Nadine, and Judea go head to head on an intense game of Taboo. Who do you think will be the winner of this challenge? Watch this episode to find out who!

  • AM Game: Art or Not?

    Can you tell the difference between what’s art and what’s not art? On this episode of The AM Show, Shariff, Nadine, and Judea try to figure out what’s art and what’s not! Do you think they figured it out? You’ll have to tune in and figure it out! Exclusively on The AM Show.

  • AM Game: Slangtastic

    On today’s episode of The AM Show, Shariff, Nadine, and Judea play a special game of Slagtastic. Do you think they have what it takes to guess the meaning of this international slang? Stay tuned to find out! Plus, don’t miss out on “Yay or Nay - Pumpkin Carving Edition.”