The AM Show

The AM Show

Mornings on LFN have just gotten better with this new addition. Say goodbye to dull mornings!
Grab a coffee, favorite tea, juice, or smoothie, and kickstart your day with this motivational and entertaining show. Make it your morning go-to for self-care, inspiration, and information in a fun way.
Watch it while you are getting ready, or listen to it on the go. The AM Show is your Monday morning therapy to get you through the workweek.
Judea, Nadine, and Shariff are your morning squad that will not disappoint in making your day.
Tune in on weekdays at 8 AM CST / 9 AM EST only on LFN.

The AM Show
  • AM Game: Taboo

    Think fast, talk fast, and don't say a TABOO word! Shariff, Nadine, and Judea go head to head on an intense game of Taboo. Who do you think will be the winner of this challenge? Watch this episode to find out who!

  • AM Game: Art or Not?

    Can you tell the difference between what’s art and what’s not art? On this episode of The AM Show, Shariff, Nadine, and Judea try to figure out what’s art and what’s not! Do you think they figured it out? You’ll have to tune in and figure it out! Exclusively on The AM Show.

  • AM Game: Slangtastic

    On today’s episode of The AM Show, Shariff, Nadine, and Judea play a special game of Slagtastic. Do you think they have what it takes to guess the meaning of this international slang? Stay tuned to find out! Plus, don’t miss out on “Yay or Nay - Pumpkin Carving Edition.”

  • AM Game: Name That Tune

    Calling all music enthusiasts! Today’s episode of The AM Show is one you don’t want to miss out on! Join Shariif, Nadine, and Judea as they play a special game of Name That Tune! Tune in on the fun as the hosts go back and forth on an intense, even game. Ultimately, one can be the winner. Who wil...

  • AM Game: Name That Sound

    Bang, Boom, Boing, Cluck! Can you guess the name of that sound? On today’s episode of The AM, Shariff, Nadine, and Judea go head to head to try and guess the name of the mystery sound. Who’s listening and deciphering skills will prevail in this challenge? You’ll only find out if you watch this fa...

  • AM Game: What Am I? Snack Edition

    Do you know what day it is? It’s Tasty Tuesday - Guess That Candy! Don’t miss out on this spectacular episode as Judea has Nadine and Shariff blindfolded, and try some delicious sweet treats! Tune in and find out who knows their sugary treats the best! Plus, The A.M. Show plays a fun game of What...

  • AM Game: Spotlight

    Do you love watching TV series? Tune in and try to guess the TV show being spotlighted! Shariff, Nadine, and Judea go head to head as they try to guess the TV Series. Who do you think will win? Watch to find out!

  • Interview With Assistant Commissioner Shaun Kelly

    Nadine has a candid talk with Assistant Commissioner Shaun Kelly of the NYC Department of Correction, who shares about the annual toy drive community outreach that results from a partnership between Precinct 28 and the Youth Power Group (YPG). Assistant Commissioner Kelly also shared his passion ...

  • Making Gnocchi With Chef Michele Iuliano

    On this episode of the AM Show, your hosts have the pleasure of interviewing Anisa Maloney and Chef Michele Iuliano, the owners of the renowned New York restaurant called Gnoccheria. With over 25 years of combined experience between Chef Michele's innovative culinary skills and Anisa's business d...

  • Cranberries, Pineapple and Lemon Juice

    Learn to boost your nutrition with this delicious juice blend of cranberries, apples, pineapple, and lemon. Your cohost and juicing expert, Shariff Sinclair, will show you how to make this blend and explain its health benefits. For more exciting tips and ideas, tune in to the AM Show every weekda...

  • Ruth Katz Makes Frozen Treats!

    In this special episode of the AM Show, our hosts interview certified health coach and author Ruth Katz, who shares her book "I Hungry": The Secrets to Making Food Healthy and Fun for Parents and Children. Ruth is a mother of two now-grown sons. Her experiences encouraging her children to eat hea...

  • Remembering September 11th

    The AM Show remembers and honors all those who lost their lives in a significant and harrowing event in American History: the September 11th attacks in 2001. Shariff, Nadine, and Judea also bring to remembrance and honor the first responders who placed their lives on the line on that day and duri...

  • Special Guest: Battle Bear

    A NYC youth talent is in the house! Shariff and Judea interview Battle Bear! 9-year-old rapper Kiyan, aka Battle Bear, showcases his talent and talks about his love for music and how it all started. Battle Bear performs his rap songs "Kid Free" and "Just Got Promoted" and wows Shariff and Judea w...

  • AM Reacts: Funny Children's Videos

  • AM Game: Art or Not

    In this fun game, you get to guess which art is evaluated and sold at a high monetary value and which is not. You will be surprised at some of the results and the amounts.

  • AM Beauty: New and Trendy Products

    Your hosts, Nadine and Judea, give you insights into new and trendy beauty products. In this AM Beauty segment, they will feature and discuss eight new top-selling products from Fenty Beauty by Rihanna and Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez.

  • Rap Battle

    One beat, four words, and one mic! Who will win? Join Shariff, Nadine, and Judea in The AM Show’s very own Rap Battle! Who will drop the mic? Tune in to find out.

  • Throwback Trivia

    The AM Show celebrates Throwback Thursday with a very special Throwback Trivia. Do you accept the challenge? How well do you know about our retro world? Take a little fun break from your hectic day and play this game with your very own AM crew!

  • Food Trivia

    Sharpen up your food knowledge from around the world with your hosts, Shariff Sinclair and Nadine Della Pelle. Gather your family and friends, and let's see who will win this food trivia!

  • What to Watch: Throwback Movies

    Looking for great throwback movies during these holidays? Inspiring classics, others that make you laugh, a thriller, and others that never get outdated because they are so good. Your AM Show hosts have your back and will share inspiring and fun throwback movies with you. Snuggle under your blank...

  • April 17th, 2023

    On today's "The AM Show" episode, Judea and Nadine get centered with Shariff narrating on "Monday Meditation"! And special guest Malena Lopez pops in, giving health and wellness advice and participating in the Talking Point. The show ends on a high note with a fun game called "Guess that Movie"! ...

  • April 11th

    In today's episode, special guest sculptor LeRone B. Wilson talks with Shariff about his journey as an artist and then displays his art pieces live on air! And remember, it's Tasty Tuesday, and the AM Crew shows how they eat popular snacks. Tune in to catch up on all the fun with Shariff, Judea, ...

  • April 10th

    The AM Crew kicks off a new week with the Daily Hot 5, Sports, and Weather! Shariff, Nadine, and Judea had loads of fun with Meditation Monday. Then the crew plays a fun game called "Who Said that Lyric" and shows off their artistic talents in a new segment called "AM Draws." Start off your week ...