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AM Game: Name That Tune

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AM Game: Slangtastic

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  • AM Game: Name That Tune

    Calling all music enthusiasts! Today’s episode of The AM Show is one you don’t want to miss out on! Join Shariif, Nadine, and Judea as they play a special game of Name That Tune! Tune in on the fun as the hosts go back and forth on an intense, even game. Ultimately, one can be the winner. Who wil...

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    Bang, Boom, Boing, Cluck! Can you guess the name of that sound? On today’s episode of The AM, Shariff, Nadine, and Judea go head to head to try and guess the name of the mystery sound. Who’s listening and deciphering skills will prevail in this challenge? You’ll only find out if you watch this fa...

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