The Spiritual Journey in the Holy Land

The Spiritual Journey in the Holy Land

If you long to unravel the divine purpose behind your life but find the intricacies of Scripture daunting, this program is your guiding light. Through immersive onsite insights, you'll glean a profound understanding of the pivotal events that have shaped humanity's past, present, and future. We'll journey through Abraham's calling, the construction of the Tabernacle, King David's ascension, and tracking the footprints of Jesus.

We'll trace His upbringing in Nazareth and His impactful ministry sites. Galilee, Capernaum, Jericho, and the revered Jerusalem. Unveiling the cultural context, laws, and customs of Jesus's time, you'll gain a rich comprehension of his teachings. Additionally, our moment of faith will offer practical teachings and heartfelt prayers from Bishop Joshua shared from significant locations in Israel. It's a transformative tool for those seeking a genuine religion-free connection.

So don't wander away for the remarkable journey that awaits in the Spiritual Journey Series.

Sundays at 8 PM Eastern Time, only on ULFN.

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The Spiritual Journey in the Holy Land
  • The Beginning

    We will go on a week-long journey to different sites in Israel and bring you along with us to see what God did here thousands of years ago and what God still wants to do in our lives today.

    We will start from Creation to Abraham, God's friend, Isaac, and Israel and his sons. We will explore the...

  • King David

    In this Spiritual Journey episode, we'll explore the life and accomplishments of King David, including the construction of the Temple. We will follow the journey of his soldiers as they conquered the City of Jebus, which would later become Jerusalem, the second capital of the kingdom.


  • Jesus' Ministry

    Jesus' ministry began with an intense experience of testing in the wilderness as He fasted for 40 days and 40 nights. It culminated in a direct attack of Satan, who attempted to defile Jesus with the pride and greed of sin, which Jesus bravely withstood and overcame by relying on his Father in He...

  • Jesus' Ministry: Part 2

    Wherever the Lord Jesus traveled, whoever He spoke to and all that He taught were done through the leading of the Holy Spirit, giving us much to meditate upon as we follow in His footsteps. Since the people of his hometown of Nazareth rejected Him with violent hatred, the Bible says He could do f...