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  • GENESIS Offline Episode May 26th

  • The Rich Man and Lazarus – May 26th

  • Showdown of Faith – May 26th

  • LFN 24/7 Livestream

    For a list of current TV providers offering LFN, please visit ulfn.org/listings. Please email your questions and concerns to [email protected] You will receive prompt feedback and technical assistance.

    New Schedule (Central Time)
    12AM CT—Overcoming Depression • 1AM—Impossible ...

  • LFN Connects With Communities Through Free Local Channels

    LFN Hosts Nadine, Melissa, and Judea share the LFN free channels across the USA where you can stay connected and watch motivational, educational, and inspiring content.

  • GENESIS Premiere Episode – May 15th

    Missed the premiere episode of GENESIS on May 15th? You may view the premiere here and share it with your family and friends.
    For a list of channels in which to continue watching GENESIS on weeknights at 8 PM CT / 9 PM ET, please visit ulfn.org/listings. For more information and assistance, plea...

  • Genesis: 7 Phases Into 1 Grand Masterpiece

    Premieres on Monday, May 15th at 6 PM PT / 8 PM CT / 9 PM ET.

  • Genesis Special

    8 items

    Watch this special documentary about the epic TV series Genesis, a finalist in the international Produ Awards, captivating people from several nations. Watch sneak peek scenes and learn a little about the steps that went into making this incredible masterpiece that has all it takes to last the co...

  • The AM Show

    33 items

    Mornings on LFN have just gotten better with this new addition. Say goodbye to dull mornings!
    Grab a coffee, favorite tea, juice, or smoothie, and kickstart your day with this motivational and entertaining show. Make it your morning go-to for self-care, inspiration, and information in a fun way.

  • Breaking the Silence

    12 items

    Come and join Happiness, Francisca, and Angeli as they delve into women’s topics and host a variety of discussions and interviews. Breaking the Silence covers a range of subjects related to women’s lives, such as relationships, parenting, career, health and wellness, fashion, beauty, and current ...

  • Wellness 360

    17 items

    Wellness 360, with host Melissa Billie Clark, encapsulates relatable topics such as medical issues, stories of trials and tribulations, and, most importantly, hope. Watch insightful interviews with medical experts, those who have experienced trauma and grief, and well-known faces to inspire our a...

  • New ULFN Schedule

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  • The Rich Man and Lazarus TV Drama

    Watch the Rich Man and Lazarus on weeknights at 9 PM CT / 10 PM ET on LFN.

  • The Showdown of Faith

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  • Parental Advisory

    Our programming might discuss sensitive topics and is not suitable for children. TV series might contain violence and content that is inappropriate for children. Parental guidance is advised.

  • The Effect of the Bible on the Human Brain

  • TUC Virtual Church (CC)