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  • ULFN 24/7 Livestream

    For a list of current TV providers offering ULFN, please visit ulfn.org/listings. Please submit your questions and concerns at ulfn.org/how-to/. You will receive prompt feedback and technical assistance.

    New Schedule (Eastern Daylight Time)
    6AM EDT—Moses and the Ten Commandments TV S...

  • Kings: The Ingratitude

    Kings TV Series' Second Season—The Ingratitude narrates the story of the making of the first Monarchy of Israel, with Saul's ascension as the nation's first king and the conclusion of Prophet Samuel as its last Judge.

    The second season dives deep into the disobedience, ingratitude, and envy of t...

  • Breaking the Silence

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    Come and join Angeli, Agnes, Francisca, and Nori as they delve into women’s topics and host a variety of discussions and interviews. Breaking the Silence covers a range of subjects related to women’s lives, such as relationships, parenting, careers, health and wellness, fashion, beauty, and curre...

  • The AM Show

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    Mornings on LFN have just gotten better with this new addition. Say goodbye to dull mornings!
    Grab a coffee, favorite tea, juice, or smoothie, and kickstart your day with this motivational and entertaining show. Make it your morning go-to for self-care, inspiration, and information in a fun way.

  • Keep Your Intentions

  • Self Sabotage The Silent Foe Within

    On Tuesday, April 30th, 2024, the hosts of Breaking the Silence tackle a sneaky culprit that can hold us back from achieving our goals – self-sabotage. We all do it sometimes, but by understanding its triggers and implementing these strategies, you can overcome this inner obstacle and embrace you...

  • Special Guest: Rachel Silvia

    The owner of Prepared Meals LI, Rachel Silvia, joined us on The AM Show for a great conversation on the importance of eating a well-balanced diet and why you should avoid processed foods. She even brought in samples for us to try!

  • Do You Have the Shield of Faith?

    Numerous people attend church in search of miracles, blessings, healing, and deliverance. However, many overlook the fact that when adversity inevitably arises, merely seeking blessings isn't enough to uphold a true covenant with God. Tune in to this service to discover what it takes to sustain y...

  • Extending a Hand to Help

  • The Spiritual Journey in the Holy Land

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    If you long to unravel the divine purpose behind your life but find the intricacies of Scripture daunting, this program is your guiding light. Through immersive onsite insights, you'll glean a profound understanding of the pivotal events that have shaped humanity's past, present, and future. We...

  • TUC Virtual Church (CC)